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Coffin Blankets

£105 for 100cm
£155 for 120cm

£195 for 150cm

Our coffin blankets are a beautiful

alternative to the traditional double-ended spray. We produce our blankets to a length of 100cm, 120cm or 150cm. We use seasonal flowers and at least three different types of foliage to create a natural, meadow-style design.


Flower filled heart


These hearts are packed full of beautiful seasonal British flowers and foliage and look best with small-headed flowers. 


Open wreath


These wreaths are packed with seasonal British flowers and foliage. They can be predominately foliage, a single colour, or a rainbow of colours.


Raffia tied
flower sheaf


As all of our arrangements use seasonal flowers, the look and feel of these funeral sheafs changes throughout the year, depending on the types of flowers and foliage available


Flower filled posy


These little posy pads are made using a biodegradable base and filled with seasonal British flowers and foliage.


Modular Coffin Flowers

£70 per section

Approx. 50cm per section

These arrangements are designed to fill the length of the coffin but are created using either three or four separate sections, depending on the final required length. The construction means that the separate sections can be taken home by different family members.


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